Stephanie Lambert

Tuesday, April, 3rd, 2018

written as part of the Game Plan Advisor Blog Series

Having joined the Canadian Olympic Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSI Network) and Game Plan teams just over two years ago, one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most has been getting to know the athletes.

When people ask what I do, I say Relationship Management. I get to know the centre’s athletes and help them achieve their dreams, on and off their field of play. There’s no greater satisfaction than watching someone succeed.

Sometimes my interactions with athletes are quite structured, for example when I lead/facilitate a workshop. Other times the interactions are relatively casual, dinner before a workshop, hanging in the athlete lounge. Regardless of the interaction type, I believe they’re critical assets to doing my job well. One of my hopes is that athletes feel comfortable coming to me for whatever they need, whenever they need it.

One of Game Plan’s pillars is that of networking. While not a formal networking session or opportunity, our dinners before the start of a workshop are great opportunities for athletes to practice their networking skills without the anticipated pressure of knowing they are in fact engaging in a networking event. My Centre has many young athletes (teens & early twenties), networking can seem intimidating/daunting, at least it did to me at that age (and honestly still does sometimes). Through pre-workshop dinners, athletes can socialize with people they know and people they didn’t know beforehand. Although their day-to-day sport, academic, work environment and general lifestyle is different, our athletes have something key in common; they’re on the pathway to elite performances. Sharing this goal helps us to provide them with a safe environment to break out of their comfort zones.

CSCM staff & athletes at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s production of Come From Away, after a session on sponsorship & self-marketing

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