The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) is a nationwide network of world-class, multi-sport, daily training facilities for high performance athletes and coaches, providing expert leadership, services and programs.

COPSIN boasts venues all across the country, including: Atlantic Canada, Montreal, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Calgary and Pacific Canada, CSCM being the Manitoban Centre.

Although these institutes operate independently, they work together with the objective of strengthening Canada’s high performance sport system as a whole, through a shared vision, areas of collaboration and new funding.

Shared Vision

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Canadian Olympic Federation (COF), and the Canadian Sport Institute of Networks (CSIN) shares a commitment to supporting excellence in sport by identifying the significant value in establishing terms of collaboration to further this common goal. The parties also share a commitment to combatting doping in sport and achieving a clean sport environment for Canadian athletes.

The COC and COF recognize that a closer association with the CSIN represents a critical partnership opportunity. One of the COC and COF’s key objectives is to win more Olympic medals. To accomplish this they rely on partnerships in the sport system to develop athletes and coaches, and in-turn increase the pool of potential medallists.

CSIN’s provision of world-class facilities (including CSCM), services and programs contribute greatly to the success of Canada’s high performance athletes in national, international and Olympic/Paralympic competitions.


The COC and COF will provide direct funding to CSIN in the total amount of $3,000,000 over the term of 2014 to 2016 to enhance and assist the CSIN in its mandate of delivering world-class facilities, services and programs to Canadian Olympians and aspiring Olympians. The COC and COF recognize that high performance sport is highly competitive and that the CSIN requires additional funding moving forward to ensure that Canada remains a world leader in high performance sport.

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