The National Coaching Institute (NCI) Manitoba opened its doors in September 1998 with a class of 18, mostly national team coaches preparing for the then upcoming Pan American Games hosted by Winnipeg in 1999. In preparation for the Games, several coaches were fast-tracked and completed the program in April 1999. We are now in the business of educating coaches who aspire to be national team coaches at some point in the future rather than merely trying to meet certification requirements.

Canada’s seven National Coaching Institutes offer programs that give coaches the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts in the fields of coaching, sport science, leadership, business and technology while sharing experiences and strategies with fellow coaches.

Manitoba’s NCI is a part-time program with classes held weekly Wednesday evenings over two years. The program is structured around a final project that the coaches present to a panel of sport-specific and sport science experts. The program begins with athlete assessment, testing and time/motion analysis, moves into pre-season physical preparation training, and culminates in the final competitive aspect identified at the beginning. Discussion centres on the athlete’s performance and an analysis of the training.

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