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Sports: Hockey

Jocelyne Larocque is a defenceman from Ste. Anne, MB.

Jocelyne was the first female player to play in the Winnipeg High School Boys League, and has been playing with the Canadian National Team since 2009. Larocque has six World Championship medals with Canada, as well as an Olympic gold medal from the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

The Brampton Thunder captain is likely to be one of Canada’s top blue-liners in PyeongChang. Joining Larocque at the 2018 Olympic Games are rookies Brigette Lacquette and Bailey Bram.

DOB: 05/19/1988

Hometown: Ste. Anne, MB


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Larocque stays focused

Friday, December, 2nd, 2016

IIHF (Dec 2) Like any Canadian hockey player, Jocelyne Larocque detests losing to the Americans. The 28-year-old defender was an integral part of her national team’s blue line at the recent 4 Nations Cup…

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