Nutrition Month 2018

Learn how you can

Take the Fight out of Food!


  1. Spot the problem
  2. Get the facts
  3. Seek Support


What is Nutrition Month?

Throughout March, dietitians across Canada will host events in their communities, on social media and in their workplaces to help Canadians improve their relationship with food, no matter what the struggle. This Nutrition Month, dietitians across Canada will ease frustrations and close this knowledge gap by teaching Canadians how to overcome their food fights with a simple three-step approach – spot the problem, get the facts and seek support.
With accurate information and a good support system, Canadians will be better equipped to make decisions about food, without the fight.


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Meet our Director of Sport Dietetics, Jorie Janzen! 

Our resident sports dietitetics expert Jorie Janzen goes above and beyond to help the province’s best athletes to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. She assists athletes to be their best selves, both on and off the field of play.

Jorie Janzen

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In this Q&A, Jorie shares some of what motivates her, what she loves about her job, and gives some advice for others interested in the discipline. 


In the era of the Internet, false information and food fads are everywhere.

Remember: Nothing is a cure-all for everything.

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Read some of Dietitians of Canada’s materials on how to Take the Fight out of Food:

Need some recipe ideas? Check out these twelve recipes from Dietitians of Canada:

Nutrition Month 2017 Recipe Cards

Did you know? CSCM’s Jorie Janzen is one of just two Certified Specialists in Sport Dietetics in Manitoba.


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