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General Info:

Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba
Room 138 Frank Kennedy Centre
17 Dafoe Road
University of Manitoba,
 Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Phone icon 204.474.6604
fax icon204.474.7685
twitter icon @cscmanitoba 
facebook icon /cscmanitoba

Adrienne Leslie-Toogood
Director of Sport Psychology

Jorie Janzen
Director of Sport Dietetics

Kyle Turcotte
Strength & Conditioning Lead

Matthew Davey
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jérémie Chase
Sport Science Assistant

David Telles-Langdon
Coaching Director

Dallas Ludwick
Head Coach Diving

Jeff Powell
General Manager

Stephanie Lambert
Athlete Services & Development Manager

Fiona Rettie
Marketing and Events Coordinator