Sport Canada

The Government of Canada, through Sport Canada, invests close to $16 million per year in the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba and the other six members the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network.

They understand the impact that world-class training, sport medicine, sport science and lifestyle services and support have on our country’s top athletes and coaches. The relentless day-in-day-out commitment of our athletes must be matched with world-class support to ensure they can continue to push for the podium whenever and wherever they compete. The Government of Canada continues to make that commitment.

As the single largest investor in Canada’s sport system, the federal government’s support to the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network is only one of many ways that they support our athletes.

Through their ongoing support to more than 80 national and multi-sport organizations including the Sport Institute Network, direct monthly support to over 1,800 high-performance athletes to help with their training, living and education expenses and the funds they provide to help host more than 60 international championships in Canada each year, the Government of Canada underscores their belief in our athletes and the impact they have in inspiring all Canadians – especially our young people – to realize the benefits of a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.

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