A Conversation with Craig C Brown

"I have a passion for helping athletes" Craig C Brown is a Mental Performance Assistant with CSCM. He also works on various other projects, focusing on anti-racism in sport, newcomers in sport and more. We sat down to talk with Craig about [...]

2023-02-03T15:28:13-06:00February 6, 2023|

Food Racism

CSCM's Sport Performance Nutrition Team explore Food Racism and what it looks like in the Canadian context. They take a look at what this means today, and how we can take action. For more information, take a look at this: Food Racism Infographic

2022-11-22T12:19:20-06:00March 31, 2021|

Food Diversity in Sport

CSCM's Sport Performance Nutrition Team looks at the benefits of promoting food and culture in team sports. We look at food values, the social impact of food and healthy eating. Check out the pdf file here to learn more!

2022-11-22T08:27:09-06:00March 23, 2021|

1 Year Avalanche Anniversary

Written by Stefan Waples, Manitoban athlete, former Speed Skating Canada's National Long Track Speed Skating Team member Three months and one day after my last surgery, I returned to work as a wildfire fighter. This was my goal from the first day in the [...]

2022-12-30T07:40:32-06:00January 25, 2021|
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