#ThanksCoach Vanessa Martínez Lagunas


Saturday, September, 28th, 2019

Coach Spotlight: Vanessa Martínez Lagunas One of the benefits for CSCM being located on the University of Manitoba campus is that we have the opportunity […]

#ThanksCoach Glenn Hoag


Friday, September, 27th, 2019

Coach Spotlight: Glenn Hoag During the NORCECA Men’s Continental Volleyball Championships held in Winnipeg in early September, we were fortunate enough to sit down with […]

#ThanksCoach Jordan Ferguson


Tuesday, September, 24th, 2019

Coach Spotlight: Jordan Ferguson From CSCM, we want to say #ThanksCoach to Jordan Ferguson, coach and founder of Keystone Wrestling Club. We are fortunate to […]

Commemorating International Women’s Day

Jeff Powell

Friday, March, 8th, 2019

The fact of the matter on Canadian women in sport is this: If you are watching a Canadian compete for a medal in anything, chances are you are watching Canadian women.

A Paralympian’s journey from sport to life beyond sport

Tim McIsaac

Tuesday, January, 29th, 2019

When I retired, I experienced many negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. I felt like everything I did had to be perfect. I experienced failures in my working career which I took very personally since failure was—quite fortunately for me I guess—not something I had to undergo with very much regularity as an athlete.

As a result, I think I lived for many years with anxiety and depression which, in addition to not being diagnosed, was unbeknownst to me.

Manitoba’s Push to PyeongChang

Stephanie Lambert

Friday, February, 23rd, 2018

For the past four years, CSCM has been assisting athletes with their Push to PyeongChang. Athletes like Olympic Medallist Bailey Bram (ice hockey) and Paralympic Gold Medallist Dennis […]

How the COPSI Network is Helping Find Future Olympians

CSCM Guest Blogger

Thursday, February, 8th, 2018

How the COPSI Network is Helping Find Future Olympians In order to ensure that Canada continues its strong placements at major games, it is key […]