Corporate Community

The support we receive from corporate partners is critical to the sustainability of our service offering and the overall success of our local athletes.

Your support of the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba directly helps to ensure that our elite athletes receive the highest level of coaching and training, nutrition, equipment, sport science, sport medicine and more, all of which contributes to their success. It is becoming more and more evident how sport science contributions are a necessity to reach the highest levels of human performance.

CSCM Offers:

  • A supportive environment for our top athletes that increases the number of resources available when they train to represent their community, province and country.
  • Direct financial support to each athlete by covering costs associated with competition and training. These additional resources allow athletes to better focus on achieving personal excellence and peak performance.
  • Direct support for athletes preparing to step onto the world stage and be part of the next wave of medalists.
  • The services of its personnel, which ensures that the workers who will meet the specific needs of each athlete are hired and that the necessary infrastructure is put in place.
  • Donors can receive a tax receipt, increase the visibility of their business or take advantage of learning opportunities. The benefits depend on the size of the donation, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

Red River Co-operative
National Leasing

Benefits associated with corporate support may include a tax receipt, corporate visibility or experiential opportunities. Benefits are dependent on the size of the gift and are by Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

For additional information, or to support, please contact:

Jeff Powell | Executive Director
Phone icon 204.890.2742