Not at this time.

For information on the Advanced Coaching Diploma please contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca

For information on coaching resources in Manitoba please contact Coaching Manitoba.

CSCM will inform all athletes regarding their level of support at their intake/re-intake meetings. Athlete agreements are timed to match each sport’s carding cycle.

CSCM is open to altering an athlete’s support within the carding cycle on a case-by-case basis should the athlete’s status or situation change.

Contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca if you think you are eligible for support alterations.

Click here for full details on athlete support levels.

However, members of the public are welcome to contact CSCM service providers to engage their services outside of their relationships with CSCM.

Yes – athletes registered with another member of COPSIN, carded athletes and National team athletes are eligible for select servicing from CSCM.

Contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca to discuss available support.

Athletes must make appropriate arrangements, in advance of their visit, with CSCM to be able to access any services.

No, however, CSCM is open to receiving and considering requests/proposals for financial assistance above and beyond an athlete’s standard servicing
– CSCM funds may be used for the cost of training facilities or for coaching services through a club
– CSCM is open to discussion with respect to equipment purchase, should you and your coach identify a performance enhancement option/initiative that take the form of equipment.

Requests to be sent to CSCM at asm@cscm.ca

Please note that CSCM’s fiscal year is April 1 – March 31, so it would be greatly appreciated if requests were received prior to the January directly preceeding the fiscal year associated with the request.

CSCM Service Providers must meet requirements specific to their disclipline, including but not limited to:
– Experience working with high performance athletes/coaches
– Full liability insurance

CSCM Service Providers are asked to provide CSCM athletes with a reduced rate and in exchange receive:
– Recognition on cscm.ca
– Right to identify self as an Official Service Provider of the CSCM

Contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca for additional information

CSCM will only provide financial support towards services provided by official CSCM service providers.

Should your provider wish to become an official CSCM service provider, please have them contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca

Reminder – all services must be pre-approved by CSCM prior to delivery in order to be eligible for financial support.

Carded athletes and those who have been carded within the past two years are eligible for Game Plan benefits.

Game Plan provides resources surrounding career management, network, education, skill development and health.

Contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca to learn more about Game Plan and CSCM can do for you.

Yes, with the use of technology many services can be provided without being physically present in Winnipeg. Contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca for additional information

Your PSO must submit a nomination/recommendation letter to CSCM communicating why they think you should receive support from CSCM. Contact CSCM at asm@cscm.ca for additional information.

Letter to include, but not be limited to, significant performances, your provincial & national rankings and coach.

CSCM supports elite athletes who are based in Manitoba, and Manitobans based outside the province (on a case-by-case basis).

Elite athletes are primarily those on National teams and those who receive Sport Canada carding. Click here for full eligibility details.