A Total Athlete Wellness Program

Game Plan is a world-class program being developed to support national team athletes in living better lives during their high performance careers and beyond. The program is delivered across Canada by the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN), supported by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Sport Canada.

The program serves to accomplish the following:

  • Create a holistic approach to athlete development and total wellness throughout an athlete’s high performance sport career and beyond.
  • Enable the development of mentally stronger athletes who apply what they have learned to the betterment of themselves and their communities.
  • Address athletes’ most pressing needs: career development, personal development and healthy minds and bodies.

The wellness needs of Canadian athletes are addressed through five Game Plan elements:

  1. Career Management: resources targeted at helping athletes explore and engage in different career paths (e.g. career counselling, networking, job postings)
  2. Network: network of individuals which provides expertise related to individual athlete needs (e.g. mentorship, alumni network, resources in remote places) and access to communities of interest (e.g. Parents, LGBTQ)
  3. Education: flexible schooling and learning opportunities developed through collaboration with education providers (e.g. universities, colleges)
  4. Skill Development: broad and accessible portfolio of skill development opportunities (e.g. personal and life skills)
  5. Health: programs aiming to raise awareness of health related services and provide facilitated access to health resources (e.g. health insurance promotion, mental health services)

For more information on the program or resources available, please visit mygameplan.ca. Athletes and coaches are encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Institute in their area to learn more about athlete eligibility requirements and services available under Game Plan.

Athletes in Manitoba, please contact:

Stephanie Lambert | Athlete Services & Development Manager
Phone icon204.474.7382

For more information:

Read the Game Plan Press Release.
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