Achieving mental wellness: Lessons from High Performance Sport


Tuesday, January, 24th, 2017

Achieving mental wellness: Lessons from High Performance Sport   Stress, anxiety, fear and vulnerability are things that we are supposed to feel, but they can […]


Cooking vegan with Jorie & Emma


Friday, December, 9th, 2016

Cooking vegan with Jorie & Emma On Thursday, CSCM’s Director of Sport Dietetics Jorie Janzen, and Emma co-hosted a vegan cooking class for athletes from […]


Meet Swimmer Kelsey Wog


Thursday, December, 8th, 2016

Meet Bison athlete and Canadian breaststroke specialist Kelsey Wog

Nutrition while traveling

Athlete Nutrition Tips: How to Eat Healthy while Travelling

Jorie Janzen

Tuesday, November, 15th, 2016

Maintaining a high quality sports nutrition plan is essential for health and performance. But that’s not always easy when you’re on the road. Whether you’re […]

Athlete on laptop

How Technology Has Changed How Athletes Train and Compete

CSCM Guest Blogger

Wednesday, November, 9th, 2016

As technology has advanced and developed over the years so has its effect on how athletes train for their chosen sports. Equipment that was once […]


Meet Elite Junior Triathlete Kyla Roy


Tuesday, November, 1st, 2016

What got you started in triathlon? My dad did triathlon and my mom was a swimmer. I started out as a swimmer when I was […]

Jeremie Chase

Keep learning. Keep growing.

Jérémie Chase

Friday, October, 28th, 2016

Meet Jérémie Chase, CSCM’s sport science assistant. In this Q&A, he talks about what got him started in sport physiology and what he likes most about the […]