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Voici quelques ressources utiles qui favoriseront votre bien-être mental et physique, initialement compilées pendant la pandémie de COVID-19 et toujours applicables.

Physical Preparation


Sport Dietetics

Disponibilité énergétique

Sport Psychology

This Mental Health Continuum, adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association, is intended to help you understand your mental health and the signs to look for in keeping yourself well. It also provides language that will be familiar to athletes and coaches you can use to talk about these things.

TedTalk from South African psychologist, Dr. Susan David, about developing resiliency, joy, hope and courage in the face of COVID-19.  It can be especially helpful saying “I am noticing, I am feeling (insert feeling) vs. I am (feeling)”.

i.e. mindfulness exercise to separate noticing temporary emotions versus more permanent states of being