COPSIN and Gruppo Nutrition Forge Strategic Partnership to Fuel Canada’s Athletes

Published On: March 7, 2024

The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sports Institute Network (COPSIN) are proud to announce that they have entered into a four-year partnership with Gruppo Nutrition, a leading provider of sports nutrition products. This partnership will give the athletes and coaches affiliated with COPSIN all across Canada the opportunity to benefit from valuable discounts on Gruppo’s products.

Following on the pre-existing agreement between Gruppo and two COPSIN members – Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI Pacific) and Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) – the agreement has now expanded to include all seven COPSIN members across the country.

Gruppo specializes in tailoring supplements to meet the unique needs of today’s high-performance athletes throughout their training, recovery, and nutrition routines. Committed to delivering products grounded in the latest sports science research, Gruppo ensures the use of premium ingredients, devoid of artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Every product batch undergoes rigorous testing for substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Moreover, Gruppo has the capability to formulate products specific to individual athletes, addressing their distinct training and competition requirements.

This strategic partnership aims to extend exclusive benefits to athletes and coaches affiliated with the COPSIN. By offering a discount code, Gruppo will enable these athletes and coaches to access pre-existing as well as fully personalized products at reduced rates. In its role as an official supporter of COPSIN, Gruppo will supply all seven members of the network with its premium products. NSOs referred to Gruppo by COPSIN will also be eligible for a discount directly from Gruppo.


“We have been using Gruppo at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific as an excellent source of supplements for over a decade and are thrilled that athletes across Canada are getting the same access, throughout COPSIN. Gruppo’s products have helped Canadian athletes fuel for performance for many years and we’re very excited to see this national expansion, which will benefit even more Canadian athletes.”

Sue Boegman – Nutrition Lead and Registered Dietitian, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

“Gruppo is thrilled to renew and expand a partnership that first started in 2008 with the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) in British Columbia.

Having a partnership with each of the provincial sport centres allows us to work with even more athletes across Canada. We are so very proud to be supportive of athletes competing on the world stage and (as a result of) being partnered with the COPSIN.  Another key benefit is that this allows us to work intimately with some of the top sport nutritionists and physiologists in Canada, which continues to be an important part of our growth as a company. The same science that goes into fuelling and supporting the recovery of our high-performance athletes competing on the world stage goes into the products that we offer to all of customers.”

Darcy Haggith – CEO Gruppo Nutrition

“Darcy and the entire Gruppo team have proven to be exceptional partners to a number of our Institutes over many years, and we are thrilled to expand that partnership across all of COPSIN. Gruppo continues to consistently offer innovative and reliable nutrition products for our affiliated athletes and coaches. We look forward to working together to help registered athletes and coaches across Canada achieve their athletic goals.”

Wendy Pattenden, COPSIN representative, CEO, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

About The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sports Institute Network (COPSIN)

COPSIN is the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network. With seven locations across Canada, we partner with National Sport Organizations (NSOs) to deliver world class performance services and applied sport science research projects.

COPSIN are a key performance partner in the implementation of the priorities of the National High Performance Strategy including Game Plan, Mental Health and Safe Sport.

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About Gruppo Nutrition

Gruppo Nutrition is dedicated to bringing the highest quality nutrition – along with a simple, smart approach – to endurance athletes worldwide. Originally established in 2006 as a licensee of Infinit Nutrition, Gruppo has grown to encompass a wide array of sports nutritioneveryday protein drinks, as well as clinical research, and partner co-packing and fulfillment services. We continue to source nearly all of our materials from North America and proudly manufacture in Windsor, Ontario, just across the river from Detroit Rock City. All products, including our Gold Certified line, are produced in our own pharmaceutical standard facility under the scope of our Core Science Protocol document.