Athlete Drive

Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood

You have learned many things from being an athlete, and you may wonder if you found sport or if it found you.  If you are a driven person, you probably loved sport.  You liked the challenge it took to become better and you found a place where you were rewarding for pushing hard to be your best.  Once you retire from sport, that does not go away.  In fact, no matter what you do next, you will find that you bring yourself to everything you do.  Embrace who you are and how you are wired.  You will find that the skills that helped you be successful in sport will also help you be successful in life.  As challenges come, the same skills that helped you overcome things in sport will help you manage those obstacles you find in life.  Sport will always be a special part of your life, and the lessons learned will live on in any other endeavour you take on or in any challenge you face.