Letter to your Pre-COVID self

Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, Director of Sport Psychology

The Player’s Tribune is a website that houses athlete stories.  On this site, they have an area called “Letters to my Younger Self”.  Victoria Tachinski is a track athlete, and she talks about it from a different perspective.  She said that whenever she is struggling to be motivated, she thinks about the little girl who had a dream.  This is a picture that she finds motivating.  She looks at this picture and reminds herself to “do it to make your younger self proud”.  We have all been that kid.  What would make that younger kid proud?  Jen Shumacher spoke on a High Performance Mindset Summit and she asked us to remember that “what you are doing today is exactly the right thing you need to be doing right now”.  So even though our circumstances look different, we can still act and do things that are right for us and that will keep us on the path of that kid who dreamed…

We are all going through a pause within the world and in our life.  During this time, we have all had the opportunity for reflection and as a result growth.  We will return to the world we used to be in, at some point.  Prior to doing that – take time to think about what you have learned.  What would say in a letter called “Letter to my Pre-Quarantine Self”.  Take time to write this so that you have something to reflect back on when you return to your life and all the busy-ness that it will inherently include.