Kyle Turcotte

Physical Preparation Lead

Kyle started working in fitness and strength training as a side job during his internship in athletic therapy. Synchronized swimming was the first sport he worked with as a strength coach. He never really got into athletic therapy as strength and conditioning took over his interests. He worked for Recreation Services at the University of Manitoba where he was responsible for providing strength and conditioning services to Bison Sports, including the 2007 Vanier Cup winning football team. He also completed a master’s degree in biomechanics at that time. After a brief time as an instructor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Kyle joined CSCM as a strength coach in 2011.

  • Past sports: speed skating, road cycling, fencing, wheelchair basketball (world champions 2014)
  • Current sports: curling, volleyball, diving, paratriathlon

Kyle has also been a leader in the community, acting as chair of the local CSEP committee for many years and as the outgoing president of the Manitoba Kinesiologists Association.

Kyle’s has always maintained that there are no bad exercises – only poor application and poor execution.


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