Rabaa Souissi

Sport Nutrition Practicum Placement & Newcomer Sport Internship Program Lead

Rabaa is a passionate sport nutritionist dedicated to healthy living and improving overall wellbeing. She combines her expertise with practical advice to help individuals make better food choices for health, performance, and recovery.

She received her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Human Nutrition from Qatar. Rabaa proceeded to get registered in Qatar in 2020 and work there as a registered dietitian, specializing in pediatrics.

Rabaa has a passion for sports nutrition, and has always been impressed with high level sports and how nutrition plays a significant role in performance. This led her to complete further education in sports nutrition, including an advanced level 7 postgraduate diploma in Performance Nutrition with the Institute of Performance Nutrition.

Currently, Rabaa is completing a sports nutrition practicum placement with CSCM, where she supports athletes with their nutrition needs under the direct supervision of Jorie Jazen and Janelle Vincent.

As a newcomer to Canada, Rabaa recognizes the challenges of starting a career in a new country and is dedicated to helping others navigate similar paths. Her experiences as a newcomer drive her enthusiasm for her role in the Newcomer Sport Internship Program at CSCM, where she helped create an internship program dedicated to newcomers interested in pursuing careers in sports.