The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba was created in March of 1997 as one of the many legacies established for the 1999 Pan American Games held in Winnipeg. Since its inception, CSCM has been the hub for high performance sport in Manitoba, with the support of Sport Manitoba, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Sport Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada, Pan Am Games Legacy Fund and the corporate community.

We exist to provide support to current and aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes training in Manitoba. We provide the proper strength & conditioning, nutrition, mental performance and sport medicine services that complement the technical support they receive from their coaches.


More than ever before, reaching the extremes of human performance requires an athlete to have a team of experts around supporting them. They require physiologists, registered dietitians, psychologists and the full breadth of sport science disciplines to ensure that every aspect of their preparation is fine tuned for the international stage. The contribution of the Centre to Olympic performances is second only that of the athlete themselves.

At CSCM we live out a culture of excellence, innovation and leadership. Our team of highly qualified service providers are experts in their fields, combining their education, experience and research to deliver the best care for our coaches and athletes. It is this, combined with our network of Olympic-level Sport Centres and Institutes across the nation that make CSCM the most sought-after and highly regarded Manitoban facility for young, high-performing, elite athletes who aspire to reach the podium.


The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba enables individuals to realize and achieve human potential through sport.


The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba is committed to supporting high performance athletes and coaches in their pursuit of podium performances in national and international competitions.


Excellence. Leadership. Innovation.