Tips for Performing in Hot Weather

Published On: June 8, 2023

Winnipeg has seen some extreme heat lately with more to come. Jorie, CSCM Director of Sport Dietetics, put together a list of tips for dealing with the hot weather prior to her kiddo’s track and field meet. Our team thought it was worth sharing with everyone!

Keeping Energized, Cool and Performing in the Heat!

Staying well hydrated is very important…for staying hydrated. Regardless of how much water you drink, remember that the body still can overheat if not kept cold, which will impact health and performance.

Try some (or all!) of these ideas for keeping your core body temperature down:

  1. Cold or frozen drinks, like low/no sugar slushies or ice slurries, will hydrate while also lowering core temperature.
  2. Try keeping a hand towel in a cooler with ice and water. This cold, wet towel can be placed on the forehead, around the neck, on pulse points, and the core of the body to cool it down.
  3. Use a spray bottle to spritz yourself… if you can find one with a little fan attached, those are super fun too!
  4. Eating cold or frozen fruit can help lower your temperature while also fueling your body. 
  5. Find shade, wear sun protection and a hat, and get inside to cool down if you can throughout the day. If possible, have your lunch inside.

Additionally, limit sports drinks and avoid energy drinks. Sports drinks can be ok but have a lot of sugar and are generally not necessary. Cold water and some crackers can do the trick! No energy drinks- the caffeine can increase heart rate and anxiety in some people, especially kids, and is not particularly hydrating.

Lastly, start your day well hydrated and keep drinking water all day, not just when you start to feel thirsty or hot. Eating meals and snacks before, during and after help keep you mentally sharp too!

Save this graphic to keep these tips handy: