Wondering if you are Eligible to Register with Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba? 

Podium  Podium Canada Targeted  Athlete 
Canadian Elite  Sport Canada Carded athlete – SR, C, D 
Canadian Development  
(serviced by home CSC only) 
SR National Team members not carded 
JR or Developmental National Team Members 
Provincial Development 
(serviced by home CSC only) 
Athletes from Targeted Sports – 
Athletes must provide letter of support from respective national sport governing body 

Parameters of Service Access  

The limits on service access may change without notice. Changes may be necessary based on the remaining budget as the year progresses. Services may have to be limited, and in rare cases services may be extended beyond the limits that are set. Athletes are expected to exhaust any individual insurance coverage they may have before using the CAIP insurance offered by the CSCM. 

Registering with CSCM 

To be considered for access to CSCM services, athletes must be nominated by their provincial and/or national sport governing body. Each year an athlete must complete an intake (or retake) interview and provide up to date information for the database. Intake interviews can be arranged by the coach for a group session or delivered as a one on one session for identified athletes. 


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Visiting Athletes

Carded Athletes travelling to Winnipeg for training or competition who wish to access services during their stay should contact Scott Sywy, Athlete Services Manager, upon arrival by text or call at 204.797.4517 or by email at scott@cscm.ca