Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba (CSCM) is pleased to join forces with other members of the Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) to bring the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) to Manitoba coaches.

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ACD is the most elaborate multisport program offered by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in Canada. It consists of four core themes; Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning and Training & Competition Readiness.

ACD is one step towards certification in the Competition – Development Advanced Gradation context. To complete certification, the coach must contact their NSO to apply for the sport-specific evaluation.

Generally, coaches engaged in the ACD program are implementing a 12-month a year plan with their athletes and spending 12+ hours a week engaged in coaching related activities.

Ideally, coaches are Competition Development Certified when entering the diploma program. Alternately, the coach needs to be Fully Trained Competition Development or Level 3 certified and pass Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation.

ACD is available to coaches who are permanent residents of Canada.

ACD is available in a two year, part-time program. Should you require a shortened or lengthened timeline, please contact CSCM to discuss your options.

ACD is comprised of 84 units at three hours of formalized contact time per unit, for a total of 252 hours. Please note that coach mentoring and active coaching is in addition to these 252 hours.

For English delivery of the program, CSCM works with Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSIC) and Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO).

Should you wish to take ACD entirely in French, please contact the Institut National du Sport du Québec (INS).

ACD is a hub delivery based program. What this means is that Manitoba candidates will have to travel to either CSIC or CSIO two to four times throughout the program for weekend “bootcamps”. The remainder of the program is delivered through an interactive online platform where candidates can participate in units through a live-stream or watch them afterwards. All work is completed, submitted and reviewed through this same online platform.

Depending on the amount of Manitoba candidates, CSCM may arrange for group viewings, either live or after the fact, in Winnipeg.

Application | $75
Tuition | $4,000
Travel Costs
Application fee is nonrefundable
Payable in two installments
Support may be available, contact CSCM for details

*note that these prices are subject to change

September 2018 matriculation | associated with CSIO
Applications accepted until end of July 2018

April 2019 matriculation | association with CSIC
Applications will be available/accepted September through December 2018


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For additional information, please contact:

Scott Sywy | Athlete Services & Programs Manager
Phone icon204.474.7382