COPSIN Advantage – Webinar Series

During the time of physical distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Game Plan, the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) offered free webinars for athletes and coaches to give an opportunity to connect, learn and provide additional support. Replays of these webinars are available below.


Mindful Mondays at a Distance: Goal Setting with Your Athletes

Facilitated by Alayne Hing, M.Sc. Mental Performance Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Mindful Mondays at a Distance: Managing Anxiety

Facilitated by Susan Cockle M.A., Mental Performance Consultant, Registered Psychologist & Jason Sjostrom, Director Coaching, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Wellness Wednesday from a Distance: The Basics of Athlete Monitoring: Not Just a COVID-19 Thing

Facilitated by Jeremiah Barnert, Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary & Scott Maw, Lead Sport Physiologist Canadian Sport Institute Calgary


Energy Needs During a Time of Active Rest

Facilitated by Kelly Drager

Présentation en français par Erik Sesbreno, MSc., RD, Nutritionniste en chef, i’Institut national du sport Québec

Financial Management and Investing in an Economic Downturn

Facilitated by John Hastings CFA, MBA

Présentation en français par Maxime Beauseigle, Conseiller associé et planifacteur financier à RBC Valeurs mobilières RBC Gestion du patrimoine

Sleep Disruption During the Pandemic

Facilitated by Charles H. Samuels MD, CCFP, DABSM Medical Director, Centre for Sleep and Human Performance & Brittany Hudak, 2018 Paralympic Bronze Medallist

Return to Normal Training

Facilitated by Ed McNeely

Mindful Mondays from a Distance: The Mental Aspects of Returning to Train: What to Expect in the Unexpected

Facilitated by Dr. Lori Dithurbide, Lead MPC, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic