Build Your Hardiness Plan

Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, Director of Sport Psychology

Hardiness can serve as a buffer and help protect you from the negative effects of stress.  Let’s take a look at Karen MacNeill’s four C’s of hardiness: commitment, control, challenge and connection.  


Commitment involves being clear on your why and why you would want to endure when things become difficult.  

Control includes focusing on things 100% in your control.  We are in control of everything that happens inside of us such as effort, thoughts, mindset, attitudes, and behaviour.

Challenge means seeing things as an opportunity as opposed to a threat.  What opportunity does this challenge present for growth and learning?

Connection requires you to identify the support that is best suited for this situation.  The perception of support is important.  Make sure you use the right person for the type of support you require.


As you embrace this challenging situation, use this as a time to develop your hardiness plan by reconnecting with your why, staying focused on what you can control, remembering what you are learning, and seeking out people who can help you be your best.