Cooking vegan with Jorie & Emma

Published On: December 9, 2016

Cooking vegan with Jorie & Emma

On Thursday, CSCM’s Director of Sport Dietetics Jorie Janzen, and Emma co-hosted a vegan cooking class for athletes from four different sports.

Emma Gray
Friday December 9, 2016

On the menu

Last night’s “Cooking with Jorie” was vegan-themed. As an avid home cook and vegan rower, I was really excited to co-host with Jorie and share some of my “kitchen chemistry” and cool tricks with other athletes; to open their minds up to vegan food and expand their culinary horizons. At first, I was a little nervous that the other athletes wouldn’t give it a chance and might turn their noses at the mention of “vegan” food, but everyone was really open and excited to make and try the dishes. We made burritos for dinner, and s’mores pudding for dessert.

Vegan Queso?
The big thing for the burritos was my nacho cheese sauce. No one believed that cashews, potatoes, carrots, onions, lemon, spices and nutritional yeast (which everyone was really scared to try) could taste as good as it did, and be reminiscent of queso. The rest of the fillings were pretty standard: veggies, rice, refried beans, and some crumbled veggie patties.

The burritos went over pretty well and then we moved onto dessert, which feature an aquafaba (chickpea water) marshmallow fluff and chocolate avocado pudding. The marshmallow fluff was something I’d never done before, and it was pretty astonishing to see it react just like egg whites – and end up tasting like marshmallow! Everyone thought that was super cool.

All together the dessert was pretty tasty, despite the pudding having a bit too much cocoa powder for our liking – but nothing a bunch of graham crackers and chocolate chips couldn’t fix. It was an awesome evening and it was really nice to meet other athletes from different sports and eat tasty food.

A big thanks to everyone involved!

– Emma


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