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This form is for new athletes interested in working with CSCM, visiting athletes, and CSCM athletes that are not national team level.

New athletes: Thank you for your interest in becoming a CSCM athlete.

Visiting athletes: Please include as much information as you have regarding your dates in Winnipeg and services requested.

Current CSCM athletes: Thank you for your time in updating your information.

National team level CSCM athletes: This form is not for you. Please fill out this form instead.

Please note that many fields are required. If you are having trouble submitting the form, please go back and check if you have missed any required fields. If you have checked for required fields and still cannot submit the form, please email

Upon successful submission, you will see a message indicating that your response has been received. The Athlete Services Manager will review your form and consult with our team, and contact you as soon as possible.

2024 CSCM Athlete Intake Renewal
Thank you for your interest in working with CSCM!
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Are you currently working with a Sport Dietitian
Are you tracking your supplements?
As an athlete, you are 100% responsible for the supplements you take. The CSCM Nutrition team can help teach you about the safest options and set you up with a tracking system.

Mental Health

Are you currently working with a Sport Psychologist?

Physical Preparation & Training

Are you currently working with a Strength & Conditioning coach?

Injury Status

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CSCM would like to follow you on your social media channels, and encourages you to follow us (we are @cscmanitoba on Instagram, Facebook, and X). When appropriate, we would like to share athlete profiles, tag athletes in posts, or encourage people to follow your journey.

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