Emotional News for Paratriathlete Chantal Givens

Published On: July 12, 2016

Victoria, BCChantal Givens of Winnipeg has been officially named to the Canadian Paralympic Team. In Rio this September, the 38-year-old triathlete will be a part of history as her sport makes its Paralympic debut. “The fact that I have the opportunity to represent Canada at the inaugural Paratriathlon in the Games makes this opportunity even more special,” said Givens. “I hope that this will inspire many youngsters and athletes alike to remove any limits they may have placed upon themselves.”

“For me, the opportunity to represent Canada at the Paralympic Games is the realization of a lifelong dream. Growing up, I had the mindset of being the best that I could be and to not be afraid to work for it. My dad told me that we appreciate things more the harder we work for them, and I can definitely say that I appreciate this opportunity!”

Givens nearly saw her Paralympic dream slip away last August when – only weeks before a major ITU World Paratriathlon Event – she fell from her bike, fracturing her scapula. Thanks to the athlete’s determination and the expert support of her coach and sport science team members from the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba, Givens saw a quick recovery and successful return to competition.

“There was a team of professionals who worked hard to support Chantal on her path to Rio,” said Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, who served as Integrated Support Team lead for Givens as well as providing mental performance training. “This was overseen by her head coach Gary Pallett and involved coordinated efforts between local experts and Triathlon Canada. Good communication between all parties helped ensure we were able to maximize her potential.”

Givens received the news of her nomination while in training in Victoria, after just finishing a beautiful swim and trail run: “The last time I was in the BC rainforest was during my last sailing trip with my late father. I felt as though he was there with me to share the exciting news. My emotions are definitely running high about going to Rio, and I am feeling ready to buckle down for the last big training block before the Games.”

“Chantal is well deserving of her nomination to Rio,” said Dr. Leslie-Toogood. “She has worked diligently for the past several years at managing training loads with family and work obligations. She has proven that anything is possible if you want it enough.”


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