Published On: March 16, 2020

Dear Sport Community Colleagues,

In light of the rapidly unfolding situation with COVID-19, the Canadian Sport Centre will be discontinuing operations at its University of Manitoba and Sport for Life Centre locations until further notice.

Please know, however, that this does not mean the discontinuation of service to our athlete and coach population.  Nutrition and Sport Psychology services will continue largely as they have in the past; with a greater emphasis on technology as the medium for communication.  S&C programs will be rolled out virtually as coaches determine athlete needs and ensure they have access to the equipment required to execute their training plans.

This was a decision taken in consultation with the Board of Directors, COPSIN and staff; considering the needs and health of the athlete and coach population.

Please make every effort to stay informed about the medical community’s evaluation of best practices and keep yourselves healthy.

I hope that you will feel free to reach out to your service provider, our Athlete Services Manager, Scott Sywy, or myself if you need assistance of any sort during this period of disruption.  We will make every effort to smooth the bumps in this particular road.


Jeff Powell
Executive Director, Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba
Direct Line: 204.890.2742