Reaction of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network and the budget to the Government of Canada 2019 – 2020

Prioritizing the health and safety of the sport system

Calgary, March 20, 2019 – The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSI Network) welcomes the increased support of the Government of Canada towards the health and safety of the Canadian sport system. With the investment of 30 million dollars over five years and 6 million a year thereafter, Canadian sport organizations will be able to promote accessible, safe, ethical and fair sport.

By taking strong measures to protect the athletes and by deploying considerable financial resources, the Government of Canada has demonstrated a vision long term to ensure the sustainability of our sport system.

“The COPSI Network is looking forward to working with the Minister on specifically how this investment will be allocated,” said Dale Henwood, President and CEO of the Canadian Sport Institute CalgaryIf this investment is directed to an increase in capacity of sport organizations, the COPSI Network will be better able to deliver essential services in the pursuit of athletic and personal excellence to athletes and coaches, thereby increasing the chances of success of our sport system.” 

In addition to the announcement impacting the sport community, the COPSI Network welcomes new funding for infrastructure for local communities. By making funds available for infrastructure, including sport and recreation, the Government of Canada offers communities access to modern and safe sport facilities.

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