LJ Bartle & Michelle Kropp

LJ Bartle

LJ Bartle is a former CBC journalist and business executive who has worked professionally or voluntarily with sport and recreation for most of her life. As a certified investigator with expertise in policy and quality assurance, LJ has been helping organizations strategically enhance their operations and vision by leveraging resources they already have. This includes safe sport implementation where LJ is promoting collaborative, realistic approaches that create an aligned system of policy, training and resources.  LJ joined Sport Law & Strategy Group in 2018 and is thrilled to be part of a positive culture shift. 


Michelle Kropp 

Michelle Kropp is a lawyer who has appeared at various tribunals and all levels of court in Ontario including the Ontario Court of Appeal. She frequently assists and represents clients in complaint and appeal proceedings before the SDRCC and in other administrative settings. Michelle’s clients include a wide variety of National and Provincial Sports Organizations and their member organizations. In addition to her sports litigation practice, she provides general advice and guidance on risk management, potential liability, as well as policy and governance issues. Michelle joined Sport Law & Strategy Group in 2020.