Powering Podium Performances: more than physical excellence

Published On: July 6, 2017

Powering Podium Performances: more than physical excellence

Through creativity and innovation,
we’re pushing the boundaries of human potential.

At CSCM, we know that developing Olympic and Paralympic level champions – and reaching the extremes of human performance – requires a team of experts. We bring together the best minds in dietetics, psychology, strength & conditioning and the full-breadth of sport science disciplines. The true power of these individuals comes to light when they work as an integrated team. Together they can find creative solutions, explore yet-untapped ideas, and unlock innovation that benefits not only the athletes they serve, but also the larger sport and scientific communities.

Matthew Davey - headshot


 Matt Davey, Strength & Conditioning:

I chose to work for the (COPSI) network because I  wanted to work with the best support staff in our  field, and have a chance to coach the best athletes  Canada has to offer. I feel what I do matters  because each day I get to help an athlete take  a small step towards realizing their dreams.


Jorie Janzen - headshot

Jorie Janzen, Director of Sport Dietetics:

What happens when we work with athletes is a collaboration with the support staff as a team to integrate each area. It’s never just about nutrition; it’s always about the athlete and their health, wellness, and performance. 



Kyle Turcotte - headshot

Kyle Turcotte, Strength & Conditioning Lead:

We provide essential support to coaches and athletes – we support them with our extensive knowledge and experience. This allows athletes to excel, and coaches to focus on the technical and tactical aspects of the sport. My passion for all sport ensures that I give everything I can to help my athletes achieve their goals.

We exist to unlock human potential. We work with extraordinary young people who are capable of incredible achievements. This is more than just physical excellence; our athletes push themselves to the extremes of mental ability, they demonstrate emotional stamina and strength of character that calls those around them to a higher standard of integrity.

This is the true potential of high performance sport:
to awaken the very best of what it means to be human.


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