Manitoba’s Push to PyeongChang

Published On: February 23, 2018

For the past four years, CSCM has been assisting athletes with their Push to PyeongChang. Athletes like Olympic Medallist Bailey Bram (ice hockey) and Paralympic Gold Medallist Dennis Thiessen (wheelchair curling).

CSCM’s investment in these athletes range from complimentary in house servicing in the sport sciences, to financial assistance with sport medicine costs.

As a legacy of the 1999 Pan American Games held in Winnipeg, CSCM is a not-for-profit organization which relies on support from various funders.

This past fiscal year, CSCM had the goal of raising $5,000 from individual donors and we’re currently at 34% of this goal with one month to go.
Thank you to our generous donors, past, present & future

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$5,000 can

  • Provide 6 athletes with a year of workout facility access.
    • $720 per year per athlete
  • Provide 5 athletes with 10 sport psychology sessions each.
    • $100 per athlete per session
  • Provide 7 athletes with 11 athletic therapy sessions each.
    • Approx. $65 per athlete per session

Every little bit helps…

donations of $20+ are eligible for a tax receipt

…if 10 people each donated $20, that’s two sport psychology sessions!

…if 10 people each became monthly donors at $6 per month, that’s workout facility access for a year for one athlete! *

click here for information on being a monthly donor


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*numbers have been corrected from the original publication date