CSCM: Why our work matters

Published On: November 29, 2016

Today is GivingTuesday! Tuesday, November 29 is Canada’s National Giving Day.Read more about Canada’s newest movement for giving and volunteering at the bottom of this release, or visit CSCM’s GivingTuesday page.

Why our work matters

This week we asked ourselves – why does the work we do at the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba matter? Our athletes and staff weighed in on what makes CSCM important to them.

From our staff and board:

Travis Muhr – Treasurer, Board of Directors:

 Sport is a great unifier of people.  It teaches life lessons such as dedication, passion and perseverance.  Top tier athletes inspire others to action.  By being personally involved with an organization that supports high performance athletes I hope to help inspire the next generation of athletics and to also encourage participation in sport and all of its societal benefits.

Matthew Davey - headshot

Matt Davey, Strength & Conditioning:

I chose to work for the (COPSIN) network because I wanted to work with the best support staff in our field, and have a chance to coach the best athletes Canada has to offer. I take pride in helping our country, and I feel this is one way I can with the skills and interests I have. I feel what I do matters because each day I get to help an athlete take a small step towards realizing their dreams.

Jorie Janzen - headshot

Jorie Janzen, Director of Sport Dietetics:

What happens when we work with athletes is a collaboration with the support staff as a team to integrate each area. It’s never just about nutrition; it’s always about the athlete and their health, wellness, and performance. My piece of the puzzle at times is a large puzzle piece and at other times it is small.  But no matter the size of the puzzle piece, I’m still needed for the puzzle to be complete.

Kyle Turcotte - headshot

Kyle Turcotte, Strength & Conditioning Lead:

We provide essential support to coaches and athletes – we support them with our extensive knowledge and experience. This allows athletes to excel, and coaches to focus on the technical and tactical aspects of their sport. My passion for all sport ensures that I give everything I can to help my athletes achieve their goals.



From our athletes

Chantal Givens - bike

Chantal Givens, 2016 Paralympian in triathlon:

The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba provided me with the support and tools I needed to realize my dream of competing in the Paralympic Games in Rio. Their professional staff helped me believe in myself, taught me how to push my limits using science, technology, nutrition, and structured my training program to peak at critical moments.


Emma Gray - oar decal ceremonyEmma Gray, rowing:

As a full time student and high performance athlete aspiring to reach the Olympic stage, I have a great deal of financial, psychological and environmental pressures on myself and my family. CSCM provides me with a tremendous amount of support and resources that enable me to better focus on my training and striving for self improvement in all aspects of my life. CSCM is an organization of passionate, talented professionals that are committed to helping athletes reach our goals. There’s a sense of community and pride at CSCM that plays an undeniable role in the development, strength, and stability of myself as an athlete.


Team Carruthers 2015Reid Carruthers, curling:

Having CSCM’s support has allowed us to take our game to the next level. We went from having a coach to having a complete support team overseeing our physical training, mental training, and sports nutrition.

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