Help us Power Podium Performances

Published On: May 30, 2017

Help us Power Podium Performances

At CSCM, our approach is what sets us – and the athletes who train with us – apart from the rest.

Reaching the extremes of human performance requires athletes to have a team of experts supporting them, now more than ever. Our experts are leaders in their fields and combine their education, experience and research to deliver the highest level of care and an environment of excellence for Manitoba’s elite performers.

Each athlete’s Integrated Support Team works to ensure they are healthy, fit and psychologically ready for optimal performance.

For 20 years, our province has been punching above its weight in sport, placing many upper echelon athletes on the international podium. Thanks in part to the Pan Am Games Legacy Fund, CSCM has become the hub for high performance sport in Manitoba.

We need your help

to create a stable, sustainable future that ensures long-term athlete development and allows us to expand our capacity and impact. Visit to learn more about donor benefits, Monthly Giving, and more.

Jorie Janzen - headshot

Jorie Janzen, Director of Sport Dietetics:

What happens when we work with athletes is a collaboration with the support staff as a team to integrate each area. It’s never just about nutrition; it’s always about the athlete and their health, wellness, and performance. My piece of the puzzle at times is a large puzzle piece and at other times it is small.  But no matter the size of the puzzle piece, I’m still needed for the puzzle to be complete.

Kyle Turcotte - headshot

Kyle Turcotte, Strength & Conditioning Lead:

We provide essential support to coaches and athletes – we support them with our extensive knowledge and experience. This allows athletes to excel, and coaches to focus on the technical and tactical aspects of their sport. My passion for all sport ensures that I give everything I can to help my athletes achieve their goals.

Team Carruthers 2015

Reid Carruthers, curling:

Having CSCM’s support has allowed us to take our game to the next level. We went from having a coach to having a complete support team overseeing our physical training, mental training, and sports nutrition.